• New plasma-activated ALD system with a unique source of low-temperature plasma

    SVCS Process Innovation and ISAC research teams will design together a plasma based ALD and ALEt equipment. The research will start with the standard ALD reactor design produced by ISAC, and plasma generation systems, gas and precursor distribution and controlling skills will be provided by SVCS. Two types of plasma sources based on microwave (MW) surfatron system and ECWR (Electron Cyclotron Wave Resonance) will be tested for 100 and 300 mm substrates. Furthermore, showerheads for uniform gas distributions, reaction chambers for 300mm wafers will be developed as well as a source delivery system for gaseous or liquid chemicals.
    Later a large scale ALD equipment and will be designed together with various ALD and ALEt  processes. Professional ALD software will be developed, optimized and installed, based on experiences of SVCS and ISAC. Process knowledge for thin film deposition by ALD will be secured, and techniques for optimizing the thickness uniformity of WiW(Within-Wafer) and WtW(Wafer-to-Wafer) will be developed. Plasma based ALD & ALEt equipment, with high throughput and damage-free process know-how shall be the final result of this project.


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