• Retrofittings, refurbishments and upgrades of equipment

    Long term experience in servicing of third party semiconductor tools allows SVCS to provide modernization services. SVCS DOES NOT TRADE with “pre-owned”, “sur-plus”, “second hand” – whatever can be the name for a used equipment. SVCS just simply helps customers with modernization their own equipment that is not new, and needs some retrofitting or upgrade – to be again “as good as new”. Our specialization, no doubt, is any type of thermal reactors – horizontal or vertical, atmospheric or vacuum. But we can refurbish many other semiconductor front-end process equipment, in particular, when upgrade of control system or reconfiguration of gas system is the key part of the modernization:

    • Control system modernization, partial or full replacement
    • Linking to MES (Promis, Workstream, …)
    • SECS/GEM protocol implementation
    • Power electronics redesign / replacement
    • Gas delivery system reconfiguration or full replacement
    • MFCs full servicing incl. accredited calibration


    Every modernization is unique. Do not hesitate to contact us at: