Compact Tabletop Furnaces


Unique Compact Design, All Features of the Grown-up Furnace

The SVCS Tabletop Furnace system provides a semiconductor grade quality tool for universities, R&D laboratories and pilot fabs. This system can be used for wide range of processes due to outstanding flexibility and amount of optional modules available to meet special and often unique requirements of every customer.

Atmospheric Processes

  • Diffusion (drive-in) high temperature procesess
  • Doping from solid, liquid and gaseous dopant sources e.g.: BBr3, B2H6, POCL3, PH3, BN
  • Various thermal processing e.g. annealing, sintering
  • Pyrogenic Wet Oxide with External Burning System
  • Wet Oxide with ultra pure steamer
  • Dry Oxide
  • HiPOx (High Pressure Oxide)


LPCVD Processes

  • Silicon nitride
  • Low temperature oxide (LTO)
  • High temperature oxide (HTO)
  • TEOS oxide
  • Polysilicon, with tilt/flat temperature profile
  • Doped polysilicon
  • Oxynitride


PECVD Processes

  • Silicon nitride (incl. anti-reflective SiN solar cell coating)
  • Silicon oxide
  • Oxinitride


DCE or HCl optional for all processes

Features and Benefits

  • Ideally suited for R&D labs and pilot fabs
  • Small footprint
  • Table or standalone solution (with stands)
  • Stackable desing (e.g. double tabletop variant)
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Heating element with 1 or 3 temperature zones and max. temperature up to 1300 °С
  • Modern modular proprietary control system
  • Up to 8 gas lines and 2 liquid sources
  • Independent hardware safety interlocks
  • Integration of vacuum pump systems in cooperation with leading pump manufacturers

Technical Data

 Wafer size  2″ – 6″ (50 mm – 150 mm)
 Wafer load  up to 25 wafers/batch
 Heating system  1 or 3 zone, helical Kanthal® APM/A1 wire
 Flat zone  12″ (300 mm)
 Process temperature  200 oC  –  1300 oC, ± 0.5 oC across flat zone
 Power consumption  20 kVA total
 Power supply  3-phase, 400 or 480VAC, 50 A, 50 or 60 Hz
(system is always adapted to country- specific power supply network)
 Clean dry air  70 – 110 psig (4,8 to 7,6 bar)
 Cooling water  40 – 60 LPM
 Exhaust  210 m³/h
 Options  CEM unit, EBS system, facility equipment


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