20 years is behind us. We expanded worldwide, were awarded as the best exporter of the 2009 in SME sector, built brand-new production plant and worked on several R&D projects. It has been a very fulfilling two decades. We thank our customers, our partners and of course our team of great employees.


In the last year SVCS concentrated in development of  automation for both Wafer Transfer from Cassettes to Boats and also for lifting the Boats onto the Horizontal Furnace cantilever. Furthermore, we developed various robotic systems for our new Vertical Furnace. A great success was facelift of our Tabletop model of R&D Small Batch Horizontal Furnace. Last but not least – SVCS joined the Team developing Minimal Fab Equipment – PE ALD – as the first non-Japanese company.


So, stay tuned, we’re heading to the future with new things to come…




Flag 2000

SVCS founded in Czech Silicon Valley

Flag 2005

Diffusion furnaces for Chinese customers

Flag 2007

Taiwanese students trained on SVCS furnaces

Flag 2009

Our horizontal furnaces goes to Malaysia

Flag 2011

R&D furnace goes to India market

Flag 2012

Building brand-new factory

Flag 2013

SVCS technology arrived to Antipodeans in Australia

Flag 2015

Czech-Korean R&D project: Plasma ALD reactor

Flag 2016

R&D and production furnaces goes to Russia

Flag 2017

Vertical furnaces for R&D and production

Flag 2018

SVCS supplies process equipment fo France

Flag 2019

Czech-Japan R&D project: ALD reactor for Minimal Fab design

Flag 2020

20YEARS of Tradition and Experience

Flag 2047

The Planet of the SVCS Equipment

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