ALD Single Wafer Reactors

ALD Reactor with combined MW surfatrons and ECWR plasma sources

Within international R&D project we developed together with ISAC Research (Korea) this unique reactor including the ALD gas panel for metal oxide and metal nitride thin film depositions on wafers with sizes up to 300 mm. Thus, we are not limited by standard wafer sizes, we can make substrate holder for any type of wafer. Perfect solution for R&D laboratories and Institutes. For example – we can make it for batch deposition on five 100 mm wafers, etc.

ALD reactor and load-lock chamber are designed as double-table solution for possible installation of load-lock chamber in clean rooms.

Features and Benefits

  • Thermal and plasma ALD with process temperature up to 400ºC
  • Thin film depositions on various wafers sizes
  • Height adjustable electrically isolated substrate holder (variable distance from the plasma discharge)
  • Substrate rotation up to 60rpm
  • Solid state MW and RF power generators (300 and 1200W)
  • Load-lock Automation
  • Clean-room ready
  • Connecting various equipment for in-situ process monitoring (ellipsometry, mass spectroscopy, …)
  • Atomic Layer Etching option with tunable substrate biasing


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