• New Czech-Japan R&D project: ALD reactor for Minimal Fab design

    SVCS Process Innovation and HORIBA STEC will cooperate in the development of Minimal Fab design of the Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PE ALD) system. ALD film will be analyzed by in-situ ellipsometer. SVCS will manufacture all parts related to plasma generation, ALD chamber and heated pedestal for wafers. HORIBA STEC will help SVCS with know-how of Minimal Fab design gained during many years of membership in minimal Fab consortium, and will supply all parts and components for gas panels and vacuum parts, as well as the in-situ ellipsometer. The control system and the frame will be developed together. Two complete Minimal Fab PE ALD tools will be manufactured, one tool will stay in the Czech Republic, the second one in Japan.

    This project brings to SVCS and HORIBA STEC access to unique PE ALD technology developed by joint effort.

    Key features:

    | PE ALD reactor for thin film depositions on 12.5mm wafers

    | No need for a Cleanroom

    | Proprietary control system for processes

    | User interface running on Windows IoT for operating personnel

    | Unified Minimal frame design

    | Low power consumption

    | Remote control



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