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Scallable for Production or R&D Applications

SVCS Vertical Thermal Reactor (VTR) is designed for all standard atmospheric and low pressure CVD processes. VTR is available with several lengths of flat zone for both mass production and R&D application. The single tube set-up with dual boat logistics is optimized for minimum down time as well as  low maintenance costs.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic wafer handling system for loading wafers from SMIF or FOUP closed pods
  • Special automatic loading system which allows loading wafers from open cassettes and provides an exceptionally small footprint
  • Quartz or SiC boats can be used 
  • Highly tailored state of the art modular control system, in house designed and manufactured
  • 10,4“ high-res touchscreen for operator interface 

Atmospheric Processes

  • Diffusion (drive-in) high temperature procesess
  • Doping from solid, liquid and gaseous dopant sources e.g.: BBr3, B2H6, POCL3, PH3, BN
  • Various thermal processing e.g. annealing, sintering
  • Pyrogenic Wet Oxide with External Burning System
  • Dry Oxide


LPCVD Processes

  • Silicon nitride / low stress nitride
  • Low temperature oxide (LTO)
  • High temperature oxide (HTO)
  • TEOS oxide
  • Polysilicon, with tilt/flat temperature profile
  • Doped polysilicon
  • Oxynitride


DCE or HCl optional for all processes

Technical Data

 Wafer size (mm)  100, 150, 200, 300 or any custom size
 Wafer load  25 – 150 wafers/batch
 Heating system  3 or 5 zones
 Flat zone  up to 600 mm (24″)
 Process temperature  200 oC  –  1230 oC, ± 0.5 oC across flat zone
 Power consumption  22kW – 30kW
 Power supply (adapted to power grid of destination country)  3-phase, 400 or 480VAC, 40 – 100 A, 50 or 60 Hz
 Clean dry air  70 – 110 psig (4,8 to 7,6 bar)
 Cooling water  10 – 15 LPM
 Exhaust  170 m³/h


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