• Accredited Calibration Laboratory with MFC Service Center

    Professional calibration equipment, based on laminar flow elements and/or sonic nozzle from renowned mass-flow calibration specialists (Molbloc©) is the main part of MFCs calibration & service center, that provides both accredited calibration together with complex service for most frequently used mass flow controllers. The service workshop is equipped with ultrasound cleaning line and helium leak detector, and the lab has controlled environment monitored by recording system.

    The accreditation was provided by the Czech Accreditation Institute for gas mass flow rate from 1 mln / min – 1000 ln / min with accuracies up to 0.2%rdg (range dependent). The mass flow calibration is executed with high-purity N2 from bulk source. Additional non-accredited measured quantities are pressure, temperature and basic electrical values that enable, for example, non-accredited calibration of all standard thermocouples and RTDs.

    The typical scope of instruments calibrated and serviced include electronic mass flow meters, both analog and digital, together with mass flow controllers (MFC), both analog and digital. The calibration can be provided for any commonly used MFCs on the market.

    For maintenance and repair services, SVCS is certified by Bronkhorst® to provide full service for all MFC’s product range. For other manufacturers of MFCs the repair service is limited by availability of spare parts – please enquire the factory for quotation.


    Certificate of Accreditation CZ

    Certificate of Accreditation EN