External Burn System

The EBS (Ex-Torch) is a diffusion furnace accessory used for pyrogenic oxidation processes. It generates high purity water vapor by burning Hydrogen in Oxygen. This burning is made in an external quartz chamber so the process tube working zone is not affected by hydrogen flame. Heating to Hydrogen self ignition temperature is achieved with electrical resistance heater.

Though this way of heating is not the fastest one, its robustness and durability pays off the inconvenience to start with heating a bit earlier in the process recipe.

Mechanicaly, EBS consists of two parts. A quartz combusting chamber is fixed in a polished stainless steel case together with heaters and a flame detector. The temperature controler with solid state relay and display are placed in a separate electronics box.

Technical data

Dimensions W x H x D (mm) 135 x 130 x 270
Weight 3,5 kg
Supply Voltage 230V/50Hz, 4,5A
Service Temperature Range 0 – 50°C


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