Control System SVconCS

Modern technologies are based on control systems. The speed of their development constantly increases as seen in various spheres of life – from office computers through telecommunication to robot systems. Control system SVconCS is a set of hardware, software and I/O interfacing. The team of SVCS´s experts developed the second generation of system based on many years experience with development and manufacturing thermal reactors for semiconductor industry. It’s development was supported also with EU fundings and consultated with university and industry experts.

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System SVconCS is a modular system and can be configured for both horizontal and vertical thermal reactors as well as other equipments used in semiconductor industry. The system is ready either for installation in the new SVCS´s diffusion furnaces (SV FUR and SV SOL) or in other manufacturer’s refurbished equipment.

The SVconCS hardware is a bus based modular system, with the main powerful CPU as the core, and LCD type 10.4″ TFT high resolution color display with touchscreen technology as the user interface. Various number of dedicated I/O modules handle all interface signals, analog and digital, input and output in accordance with the systém demands. Each module has it’s own independent specialised CPU f or signal processing and communication to main CPU. A linux operating system was selected as a robust and reliable platform for control applications.

Though the system can fully control the equipment with it’s own application software, another Windows based software package was developed to provide to operating personnel powerful tool for various tasks. These include process recipe management, system archives storing both equipment variables and events as well as many different ways to present those collected data.

Communication with the system is based on TCP/IP network, so the users have many possibilities how to use the program. They can connect to practically any number of systems distributed on the LAN and many different users can gain access to the same system at the same time. Thanks to TCP/IP communication users are not limited to acces the system locally and can connect from remote sites. One of the top features is its abillity to be seamlessly integrated to various high level manufacturing management systems including communication thrue SECS protocol.

Available Interface Modules

MTS04 – Digital – 6xIn / 8xOut Output levels 0/24 V, Iout(max) = 100 mA. Input trigger level 12 V.
This unit can be configured for PWM sig nals output used f or the fur nace heating control.
MTS12 – Digital Pwr – 4xOut A power source unit providing additional power for digital module.
Output levels 0/24 V, Iout(max) = 500 mA.
MTS05 – Analog Voltage – 8xIn / 8xOut Input and output levels 0..10 V, Iout(max) = 20 mA.
MTS13 – Analog Current – 8xIn / 8xOut Input and output levels 4…20 mA.
MTS11 – Security interlock Control system independent, only hardware driven and configured system for prevention of dangerous situations. Interlock system monitors certain signals and in case of either control system failure or reciepe inconsistency, overrides control system commands.


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