ICP Reaktor

Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactor is fully automatic compact tabletop equipment, custom designed and built for particular research needs. It can be used for broad range of R&D applications including (but not limited to) well known processes as deposition, etching, ashing, surface functionalization.


Features and Benefits

  • RF plasma generation 13.56 MHz (frequency range 10-18 MHz applicable)
  • Automatic LC circuit matching box (frequency tunning also applicable)
  • Adjustable RF plasma power 10-300 W (pressure range 1-250 Pa)
  • Flow rates controlled by MFCs (maximum number of gas lines: 5) installed on the gas panel (together with pneumatic valves, check valves, gas filters and manual shut-off valves)
  • Optionally, line for liquid precursor dosing by CEM can be installed
  • Quartz plasma chamber
  • External pumping system (connection to the ICP reactor by DN25KF) according to customer requirements with the option of the pressure control by throttle valve
  • Air cooled system (no cooling water required)
  • CDA connection (6 bar) required for the control of pneumatic gas valves
  • System voltage 100-240 V
  • Max power consumption 1 kW